XCMG Bore Pile /CFA Drill Rig in Australia

XCMG Rotary Drill Rigs Range

XR series rotary drilling rig with power head torque range of 25kNm - 460kNm -XRL100-XR160E- XR150D

XRL100-XR160E- XR150DIII-XR180d

XR series rotary drill rig with power head torque range of 25kNm - 460kNm 

Bore pile and CFA works.

XCMG Range Drill Rig -  XR220D - XR280D - XR320D -XR360

XR220D - XR280D - XR320D -XR360

XR Series Rotary Bore pile and CFA Drill Rig stand for XCMG company's achievement in many years' development and researches on piling machine, adopting the advance technology both in China and abroad. With XCMG powerful machinery manufacturing capacity it is specially designed to drill the pile hole with big diameter and into hard -layers, fitting for layer conditions in most area. XR Series is and ideal equipment widely applied in the piling constructions, featuring reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, high reliability, powerful performance and wide application.

XCMG Range Drill Rig - XRS1050 XR400D XR400E XR460D

XRS1050 XR400D XR400E XR460D

The Patented parallelogram, articulated structure actualize a wider work range. The Highly strengthened box type steel structure makes the mast of highly rigidity and anti-contorted, therefore the drill accuracy is heightened. The lubricated- free bearings are equipped in the flexible articulation joints. So the regular maintenance is unnecessary. Upper structure can slew with 360 degree, and discharge slag at random angle on XCMG Rotary Bore Pile and CFA drill rig

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Let us know the size  model Rotary Bore pile and CFA pile drill rig you are interested in or let us know the works you need  to target the specific application task requirements and we can assist you with the best suited size drill rig. We can get in touch with you and provide you the drill rig that is best fit for the job! 

Technical features

Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment - XCMG Retractable tracks


Adopting advance R&D of extendable crawler undercarriage with good quality and strong intensity, it meets requirements of stability and convenience of transportation of the XCMG Rotary Bore Pile and CFA Drill Rig.


Rotary Drive

Unique Slewing bearing have the characteristic of a large torque, long service-life and high working efficiency. Damping springs are mounted on both side of the rotary drive to protect it. XCMG Rotary Bore Pile and CFA drill rig maximised your earnings. The price to drill the bore pile or CFA pile works have remain status quo for a while now. Be ahead of your competitors and get  More bang for your buck to do the same work!


World Class core Parts

Hydraulic parts use International suppliers with good quality and sufficient supply to best suit XCMG, Rotary Bore pile and CFA drill rig. The maintenance cost as a result of careful selection from the best gives you the ability to keep maintenance cost down.

XCMG Multi-function Rotary Drilling Rig for Your Success

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