Piling and Foundation Equipment For Australia

Piling and Foundation Equipment For AustraliaPiling and Foundation Equipment For AustraliaPiling and Foundation Equipment For Australia

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Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment.

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We are a manufacturing company that are partners with many other leading companies of piling foundation equipment, Vibratory hammer Bore Pile rig parts,consumables Bore Pile Tooling and products manufacturers as authorized dealer in Australia and New Zealand . If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Try us, it is likely we can supply  Quality Piling equipment, parts, consumables or piling foundation related products you need. 

Our approach to help you, with the Piling equipment, this separate us from others sales that may have  traditionally pushed you the client to purchase their product or steer you away from other quality piling equipment or products at competitive sale price or hire rate. There is an alternative. Try our product equipment, Sales, After Sales Services and Rental on offer for you. 

In many cases our customer get to explore and tour the actual factory, their machine are purchased from, to understand personally to form own opinion on the quality, production magnitude, are at the forefront of the equipment and products we represent and support.

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Don't Forget we also have our Rental fleet off Vibratory hammer for hire. Long Term and short term.

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We have more stock on order arriving soon,  pre-ordering tooling will safe you $$$$

Kelly box 150x150 with 130x130 reducing shim. ( 600mmand 750mm with CH31 teeth) 900mm,1200mm and 1500mm will have B47K22H teeth).

We have plently of 65mm drive ZPM pilots

Core barrel-OD cutting Diameter: 600mm, ,900mm, 1050mm and 1500mm

Double cut Single flight Rock auger -Cutting Diameter:,750mm, 900mm,1200mm and 1500mm

Double cut clean-out bucket cutting diameter; 600mm,750mm, 900mm,1200mm and 1500mm

Double cut drilling bucket cutting diameter; 750mm, 900mm, and 1500mm

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2020 News.   

New to the market, to be first shown at Conexpo, Nevada US in March is the all new XRU313 from XCMG


XRU313 comes complete with Low Headroom Mast and kelly bar with a minimum height of just 7m

And normal height mast and kelly bar able to drill maximum 3m diameter hole to a depth of 36.5m

All this in a rig that weighs in at 37t for normal and 35t for low headroom

XCMG biggest world manufacture Piling Foundation equipment and international exporter of Bore pile Rigs has appointed us CESCO as XCMG's authorized dealer in Australia.  

Other Deals

Modular Rotary Drilling Rig

More  Accurate bore pile drilling capabilities can be achieved with the  Modular Bore pile Drilling. There is no comparison with other Excavator  Drill Attachment such as the pendulum style drill.

Using   the interlocking kelly-bar system drilling depth of up to 24 meters,   our modular Bore pile excavator attachment can be mistaken as a normal  small drill rig.

(CDFE) Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment 62 S FAV Vibratory hammer

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables


Our outstanding record to deal with each individual project objectively and provide the services and supply back up seamlessly for the Piling Foundation equipment industries.

Our aim is to keep your project flowing with our equipment. We understand the need to keep our client projects priority.

We have proven our equipment sustain the test of time, our business together providing durability equipment. Our Presence with our equipment driving many projects around Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

Prompt and Reliable

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables

 We have good proven track record for working closely with Project Engineers , Project Managers Piling equipment sales or  hire. We can easily tailor rates to suit your project. Short Term Hire for the initial duration of your project or Just take advantage our Long term hire Rates and have the equipment stay with you to use at your convenient time for the chosen nominated period to move around your various other projects maximizing equipment  utilization.

Cesco Deeep Foundation Equipment - Vibroflot

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Proven SALES and HIRE Equipment Tooling and Wear consumables

Satisfaction Guaranteed


As part of our commitment to stay price competitive, CDFE, deliver quality Deep Piling and Foundation equipment spare parts, hardware and tooling's from leading manufacturer producing equipment, Vibratory hammer Bore Pile rig, parts and products such as Bore Pile Tooling to meet he world class Quality Standards in Piling Foundation equipment.

Pre - planning / Pre- ordering of equipment parts or your maintenance replacement parts will help towards your bottom line, saving you from the typical stocking fees and will benefit you. 

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Our Partners

 We are a manufacturing Company. Our sister Company FNAPL (Foundation Associates Engineering PTE LTD) in Singapore and China manufacture Vibratory hammers, Impact Hammer, Piling Foundation equipment.  Our partnership with Ougan group and XCMG together with our sister company FNAPL gives us extended ability to supply deep Piling  Foundation equipment such as Vibratory hammer Bore pile rigs and CFA drilling rigs from the biggest and the best Chinese Manufactures that understands the International market together with our sales / service and support network to supply Australia and New Zealand. We can offer our line of Piling construction Equipment including Bore pile Tooling and Tungsten carbide teeth at competitive prices.

Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

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