Tungsten carbide teeth Factory

In house process from Raw Materials

Our Teeth Factory have over 400 resident workers, working in our forging  foundry, moulding work shop to precision machining, Tungsten carbide Treatment workshops even the plastic box are manufactured in-house . Everything to do with tungsten carbide teeth wear teeth are all manufactured under the one site to suit auger, drilling tool and CFA Bored pile Consumable. 

All raw materials, from steel to forging , from carbide power to Carbide teeth are process and manufacture  our factory for the world market.

The quality standard are manufactured in this factory are comparable to other overseas manufacturers. The manufacturing process  are state of the art World class standard, using the high standard precision  machinery, Such as CNC computer numerical control  machines. The Carbide powder bonding, goes through special computerized heat treatment Kiln manufactured  precise carbide tip into various  shapes to suit the many kind of tooling teeth required in the world market place ( absolutely no recycle Carbide tips are reused).

These strict guidelines on the process and attention to quality standards and details, paved  way toward acceptance in the industry. The final product, durable and performs equally as good as our competitors in the world arena. 

Cesco has been fortunate enough to be a part of the process to be able to supply such quality product in bulk to many of Our piling and foundation civil contractors into Australia and New Zealand.

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In many cases where bulk order are placed by Client,  where time permits Client are invited to the factory tour, to see first hand to understand and learn more about the product purchased for client peace of mind . Let us know and we will be happy to accommodate and host your visit . Drop us an Email:

Wear Parts Catalogue

Please contact us for specific Tungsten carbide teeth , not listed in this Catalogue to suit your auger, CFA Bored pile Consumable

Wear Parts Catalogue (pdf)