Modular Rotary Excavator Drill Rig Attachment

FR50A  Excavator mounted Modular drill. retrofit onto 14-23 ton excavator  Restructuring of the excavator Boom Arm to suit. 24T plus excavator upwards used  original Boom arm. 

Max Torque 50kNm

Max Drilling Diameter 1200mm

Max Drilling depth from 10m(16ton excavator) to 24m (24ton+ excavator)

FR40  Excavator mounted Modular drill. retrofit onto 8-13 ton excavator  Restructuring of the excavator Boom Arm to suit.

Max Torque 32/42kNm

Max Drilling Diameter 1200mm

Max drilling Depth 10m

The FR40 and 50A, Kelly bar interlocking drilling. Ensure more precise vertical  to greater depth, compared to the Pendulum style drill.

Modular Rotary Drilling Rig Excavator Attachment

Quick Transition: The Leading overall modular Rotary drilling rig, can change transport state into working state rapidly


Hi Efficiency: Construction high-performance hydraulic system and control system in cooperation with Tianjin University CNC Hydraulic Institute of Technology, which can realiseD the machine's construction efficiently


High Security: Designed in strict accordance with European Union standard EN791. Meet the requirements of dynamic and static stability.

More Accurate bore pile drilling capabilities can be achieved with the Modular Bore pile Drilling. There is no comparison with other Excavator Drill Attachment such as the pendulum style drill.

Using  the interlocking kelly-bar system drilling depth of up to 24 meters,  our modular Bore pile excavator attachment can be mistaken as a normal small drill rig.

Monitor Timely: Independently developed special control system for the rotary drilling rig, monitor depth timely. Bore pile Drilling attachment

Professional technology: Mature design technology is applied in small rotary rig, ensure higher performance.

High Universality: according to the excavator hydraulic system to modify, easy operation and maintenance after modification to suit our Modular Rotary Drilling Rig attachment