Excavator Mounted Hydraulic Impact hammer

Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment  -  FAHH excavator mounted 5 ton hydraulic impact hammer.

Excavator mounted impact hammer from 1 ton up to 4 ton

We can make the impact hammer to retro fit to you excavator. Custom made hydraulic cylinders to provide maximum safety.

FAHH5 ton Excavator mounted  Hydraulic impact hammer - 
Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

The excavator will determine size of impact

Safe working assessment are carried that your excavator are provided with the correct operation size impact hammer weight and pile length to suit the excavator. Always give preference to safe working workload for safety compliance.

FAHH 4 ton impact hammer with long leader Mast.- 
Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

Leader to suit longer driven pile

The maximum length Impact leader will solely depend on the size  capability and stability of the excavator. In many cases we request extra counterweight to be fitted to the excavator to provide stability for the long mask.