XR130 Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment Introduce XCMG CFA/ Bore Pile drilling rig


 XR130E  possess  cutting-edge technology, which is capable of fully satisfying the demands of high-end market. Major characteristics of XCMG CFA/Bore pile Rotary XR130E drill rig

Euro Emission

 Adopting imported engine, XR130E CFA or Bore pile Rotary drill rig could meet European Emission  Standard III, and IV. Also, it has high power reserve, which makes it  more available to receive timely and highly-effective after-sales  service for local customers in Australia.

Multi Function

Multiple functions in one machine. Diversified drilling rig  configurations for option, it meets the highly-effective construction  needs in different strata. Meanwhile, XR130E CFA/Bore pile Rotary drill rig has multiple functions,  including optional cylinder pressurization, hoisting pressure, casing  drive, long spiral, high-speed throwing soil and others so as to satisfy  specific requests. 

Easy Transport

It has effective mechanism for the efficient transportation of the drill rig machine with drilling rod. The drilling rod of XR130E is 2.5m wide and  3.5m high, facilitating the smooth transportation of the whole Bore Pile Rotary drill machine 

Stability and Accuracy

 XCMG’s Bore Pile rotary and CFA Continious Flight Auger drill rig has been making adjustments to fit the actual  working conditions, making the complete machine much “slimmer”  but capable of drilling the land. Meanwhile, for the sake of maintaining  the equipment stability, the power head is also improved to allow  drilling to be more accurate. 

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