Core Barrel with Roller Bits

Roller Bits


There are several different types of roller bits to suit different drilling application. The bits are sub divided into different categories depending on soil  condition. There are three main categories: soft, medium and hard  formation bits. Soft formation rock bits are used in unconsolidated sands, clays, soft lime stones, red beds and shale.  Medium formation bits are used in calcites, dolomites, lime stones, and hard shale, while hard formation bits are used in hard shale, calcites, mudstones, cherty lime stones and hard and abrasive formations. 

The cutting structure of the bits varies according to the rock  formation. Soft bits will have longer protruding teeth or chisel-shaped  buttons, and fewer, more widely arranged teeth.  Medium formation bits  will have much closer teeth than soft formation bits, and the protrusion  of the teeth is reduced.  

Our Core barrel Roller bits

Our Core barrel are manufactured with  roller bits to suit drilling into hard rock strata. 

The teeth are very short and closely arranged  on hard formation bits.  Because of the shorter teeth the penetration  of the rock bit during drilling is less than with soft or medium  formation bits, but the other bits cannot be used in hard strata. . 

Purchasing Just the Roller Bits

You may have your own workshop and welding facilities and  wanted to just purchase the roller bits to suit your own core barrels. or better still let our engineers know the type of rock strata (MPa) strength of rock you wish to core and we will build the core barrel with roller bits to suit your application.