The Casing rotator is a new drill with the integration of the full hydraulic power and transmission and combination control of machine, power and fluid. It is a new, environmental  and highly efficient drilling technology. In recent years, it is widely adopted in the projects, such as the constructions of urban subway, articulation pile of deep foundation pit enclosure, clearance of waste piles( underground obstruction) high-speed rail, road and bridge and urban construction piles, as well as the reinforcement of reservoir dam.

The successful research of this brand new process method has realised the possibilities for the construction workers to construct, casting pile, displacement pile and underground continuous wall, as well as the possibilities for pipe- jacking and sheild tunnel to pass through the various pile foundations without barriers, when the obstruction, such as the gravel  and boulder formation, cave formation, thick quicksand  stratum, strong necking down formation and various pile foundation. We also  can supply double wall heavy duty segmental casing. to suit the torque for the rotator.


Drilling performance of Casing Rotator

Rotator Capabilities

The casing rotator possesses an incomparable advantage than other Construction technologies: there is no need to refill the rock block and use

additional casing. With the good verticality adjusting performance, the

Self-control properties of drilling pressure and torque, It can easily complete the drilling work through the karst cave. When conducting the concrete casting in

the karst cave, the operation is conducted in the casing. 

So the concrete added So, it can well complete the cast pile construction in the cave, with setting accelerator is not easily lost, because of the powerful pulling force of the drill, the pulling can be delayed. So, it can well complete the cast pile construction in the cave.


The automatic control device, which is the cutter head. load control device, controls the pressure of thrust hydraulic oil cylinder, makes the cutter head load not change with the changes of the casing weight and the surrounding  resistance, and keeps the machine in its optimum working state. This is the most advanced automatic control system in

machine, power and fluid, which has greatly enhanced the world. it is a perfect representation of the intergraded the safety and working efficiency of the construction.

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The Casing rotator, with the strong torque and pressing force can complete The construction task in the hard rock formation. The rock hardness which can be drilled can reach: the uniaxial compressive strength of 150-200MPa; Because of the perfect cutting performance, it has been widely applied in the clearing constructions of cutting concrete blocks, high strength bolts, H piles and steel pipe piles.