Ougan Bi-Directional Load SUPER CELLS

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Features of Ougan Bi Directional Super load cells

The revolutionary patented BDSLT  Bi directional Super Load cells , enjoys high acknowledgement and reputation distinguishes Ougan from any other load cell providers in the piling and foundation industry.

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Low risk of hydraulic failure

Super load Cells are designed to work in a safe range of pressure, usually under 40Mpa by adopting large hydraulic area for BDSLT loading. This greatly reduce the risk of failure of the hydraulic pump, hose fittings and the Bi directional load cell itself in process of loading

On site preparation of the Ougan Supercells -  Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment

multiple cone shape Super Cell

Ougan Bi directional super load cells are designed to be complete with the cone-shape attachments that function to guide the flow of concrete in process of casting. This con-shaped attachment enables the sediments that on pile bottom to be flushed out through loadcell easily with the concrete. The removal of the sediments helps ensure the (BDSLT) accuracy of pile testing to suit and the quality of the pile itself.


Ougan Bi-Directional Load CELLS

What is Bi- Directional Load Cells?

Bi-directional Loading Test ( BDSLT ) is a revolutionary method to test carrying capacity of piles, by pressuring a pre-embedded load cell and taking measurements of displacements and strains of each geological layer. This method was firstly developed in 1970s, named as bi-directional static loading test, or popularly known as ‘Osterberg. Method’ due to successful marketing activities by American Pro. Osterberg.

In year 2005, Ougan Technology developed a unique load cell (Super-cell) for special application to bi directional Super Load cells test projects. The new generation of load cells are featured with higher load, less weight and easier handling. Until today, super-cells have been well proven in more than two thousand projects in and out of China.

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Super Cell bi directional Static testing