Ougan Bi-Directional Load CELLS

What is Bi- Directional Load Cells?

Bi-directional Loading Test is a revolutionary method to test carrying capacity of piles, by pressuring a pre-embedded load cell and taking measurements of displacements and strains of each geological layer. This method was firstly developed in 1970s, named as bi-directional static loading test, or popularly known as ‘Osterberg. Method’ due to successful marketing activities by American Pro. Osterberg.

In year 2005, Ougan Technology developed a unique load cell (Super-cell) for special application to bi-directional load test projects. The new generation of load cells are featured with higher load, less weight and easier handling. Until today, super-cells have been well proven in more than two thousand projects in and out of China.

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Super Cell bi directional Static testing